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Paying For Child Care

The following programs are administered through Child Action, Inc.:

General Fund - CAPP
The State Department of Education provides state and federal subsidized child care funding for families whose income is at or below State income eligibility ceilings, and family fees may apply. Families can remain subsidized until they exceed State income eligibility ceilings or until their child ages out of the program.

To find out about placing your name on the eligibility list, click here.

A portion of our CAPP funds are set aside for children who are receiving child protective services or who are in need of prevention or intervention in cases of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Families with children who are abused, neglected or exploited or are in danger of being abused, neglected or exploited are eligible. Parents must be participating in a "plan" developed with an agent from a social services organization or medical professional.

Stage 1 - CDSS
Pays for child care for parents who have an approved CalWORKs plan until they are stable in their employment or training program. This program is administered by the Department of Human Assistance (DHA).

Stage 2 - C2AP
Pays for child care when a parent's work/training activity has stabilized. Stage 2 may include participants in approved County welfare-to-work activities, as well as those who are employed. Stage 2 funding is available for a maximum of 24 months after CalWORKS discontinuance. Income must remain at or below State income eligibility ceilings and family fees may apply. A family may receive Stage 2 child care services through a referral from DHA or by self-referral.

Stage 3 - C3AP
Pays for child care for parents who have exhausted their 24 months after CalWORKs discontinuance on Stage 2 funding. Parents can only enroll onto Stage 3 as a transfer from Stage 2. Stage 3 eligibility continues as long as the family income remains at or below State income eligibility ceilings. Stage 3 has no timelines/requirements other than those imposed on all clients (child's age, income, adherence to program regulations, etc.). Family fees may apply.

Child Action, Inc. will automatically transfer families through the funding Stages as they meet the appropriate criteria. Parents do not have to apply or reapply for Stage 2 and Stage 3.