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CHILD ACTION, INC. believes that parents are best able to choose the child care that meets their particular family situation. It is our goal to provide parents with information and referrals on a full range of child care services in the Sacramento community.

CHILD ACTION, INC. will provide free child care referral services that respond to parental needs for information with full recognition of the confidentiality rights of parents.

CHILD ACTION, INC. will provide information about child care services in Sacramento County as it is available, but cannot make recommendations. The choice of care remains with the parents. Child Action, Inc. has not inspected or warranted the condition of the providerís facility or the quality of supervision the children receive. Child Action, Inc. is not responsible for arrangements between parent and provider.

CHILD ACTION, INC. will provide referrals to licensed public and private child care centers and family child care homes. Referrals will be made to unlicensed child care programs only if there is no requirement that the facility be licensed. These may include parent co-ops, recreation programs, or community based programs.

CHILD ACTION, INC. will develop and maintain a resource file of child care services for Sacramento County that includes, but is not limited to, the following information: 1) type of program; 2) hours of service; 3) ages of children served; 4) fees and eligibility for services; and 5) significant program information. Child care centers and family child care home providers are required to provide signed documentation of fees for services.

CHILD ACTION, INC. strongly recommends that before placing a child in care, parents exercise their right and responsibility to review a potential child care providerís licensing history, which is available at the facility. A more complete file, including complaints or violations for licensed programs in Sacramento County, may be available at the offices listed below.

As a parent, you have the right to get information about any substantiated or inconclusive complaints about a child care provider that you select for your child. That information is public and you can get it by calling the appropriate local licensing office at:

Family Child Care Homes and Child Care Centers: Community Care Licensing 1-844-538-8766

Some community based programs are exempt from licensure. Ask about their complaint policies and procedures.

CHILD ACTION, INC. does not discriminate against individuals or groups on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, sex, or sexual orientation.



  • Enrollment in the Child Action, Inc. Referral Files is voluntary.
  • All child care centers and family child care homes in the referral files must be licensed or exempt from licensure.
  • Providers are enrolled in these ways: 
    • Providers may request enrollment at any time. 
    • All licensed providers will be contacted annually for permission to refer. 
    • New providers will be contacted as they are licensed.
  • Each provider is requested to provide the following information: 
    • License number and effective dates 
    • Ages of children served 
    • Rates charged for services 
    • Copy of license 
    • Address, phone number and name of director 
    • Hours of operation 
    • Type of care offered 
    • Printed material about program and services


Child Action, Inc. will temporarily cease making child care referrals to a family child care home or care center under the following circumstances:

  • Child Action, Inc. receives a complaint about a child care provider
  • Child Action, Inc. is notified by official licensing authority of an investigation of a child care provider.
  • A program is being formally investigated for child abuse/neglect, or
  • Provider is placed on probation.

Providers may submit and appeal to: R&R Senior Program Supervisor, Child Action, Inc. 9800 Old Winery Place, CA 95827.
Upon notification that the complaint or investigation has been satisfactorily resolved, referrals will resume.


A child care provider may be removed from the referral files under the following circumstances:

  • Provider requests removal from files.
  • Provider's license is not renewed, is suspended, or revoked.
  • Provider is convicted of child abuse, neglect or molestation.
  • Provider discriminates on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, disability, age, or sexual orientation.
  • Provider has three health and safety violations within one year.
  • Provider receives a temporary suspension order (TSO).


  • All providers who meet the above criteria for removal will be placed in the inactive file and notified by the Child Development Specialist.
  • The written notification must inform the recipient of reasons for removal, effective date and appeals process. 9800 Old Winery Place, Sacramento, California 95827 (916) 369-0191
  • The Alternative Payment and Family Child Care Home Education Network Programs will be notified of all providers who are removed from the referral files.
  • The Child Action, Inc. Board of Directors will be notified of all providers who are removed from the referral files for reasons other than their own request.


  • Providers have a right to appeal permanent removal from the referral files.
  • Providers may submit an appeal to the R&R Supervisor - Referral, Child Action, Inc. 9800 Old Winery Place, CA 95827.
  • Appeal requests must be submitted in writing and received by Child Action, Inc. within fifteen (15) working days of the cause for the notice of permanent removal.
  • Child Action, Inc. will notify providers of appeal resolutions within thirty (30) working days of the receipt of their appeal