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Parent Advocacy

Child care for all families

Parent Voices is a partnership of parents throughout California working to raise awareness about child care issues.

The mission is to ensure that local, state, and federal lawmakers keep child care a top priority.

Reliable, affordable, high quality child care allows parents to work and go to school, and helps them become economically self-sufficient.

Parent Voices is a chapter-based grassroots organizing effort which empowers parents to advocate effectively for their child care needs.

Parents are a child's best advocate

No one understands the need for affordable, high quality child care better than parents. Families may wait for years and still not receive help with their child care payments because the child care subsidy system is so severely underfunded. Parent Voices gives voice to this unmet child care need.

Parent Voices will give you the training and support you need to speak to elected officials and the media about important issues facing families. All you have to do is be willing to share YOUR story.

Elected officials must hear from parents directly to understand that parents need help with the cost of child care now!

Get involved!

Join Parent Voices and you will have the opportunity to:

  • Visit your elected official’s office at the local, state and federal level.
  • Talk about issues facing young children with others who share your concerns.
  • Learn about important legislative bills and other current policies that affect children and families.
  • Understand how the budget process works.
  • Participate in local, state or federal activities related to improving access, quality, and affordability of
    child care.

Parent leadership

Parent Voices will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make positive changes and become the foremost advocate for your children. Stand with other families rallying and speaking out for child care in Sacramento County.

Membership is free. Parents are welcome to join at any time.

For more information on Parent Voices, see the state website at