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Licensed Family Child Care Homes (FCCH)

Opening a family child care home is an opportunity to develop your own small business while providing an important service to families in our community. Caring for children from infancy through school age supports their growing developmental needs and offers them a safe, nurturing, healthy, and stimulating environment.

The entire process to become a licensed provider takes between two and four months. The purpose of a license is to insure that the provider's home meets state health and safety standards. A family child care license is only good in the home of the provider who is licensed. This means that s/he cannot legally use his/her child care license to provide care in the parents' home. It also means that every time a provider moves, s/he must be re-licensed. A family child care license is not required when a provider cares for one family's child or children in addition to her/his own children.


9:00am to 1:00pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month
$25.00 per person

Child Action, Inc.
9800 Old Winery Place
Sacramento, CA 95827

Call (916) 369-0191 Child Action, Inc. for registration, directions and more information.

Call (916) 263-5744 Community Care Licensing/River City Regional Office for payment information or you can go on their website:

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